Quanzhou TDX Electronics Co.,Ltd is anational high-tech enterprise who has been committed to the development andmanufacturing of set-top boxes since 1999. it locates in Quanzhou Economic andTechnological Development Zone with more then 900 employees and around 15million pieces set top box production and sales per year. By meeting standardof ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmentalmanagement system certification, it is considered backbone enterprise of QuanzhouElectronic Information Industry Base of National Torch Program.There are nearly 100 technicians and R&Dpersonnel in TDX. TDX Communication R&D Center of Fuzhou University and TDXSoftware R&D Center of Huaqiao University was founded due to goodcooperation with domestic universities. In recent years, TDX has been rewardedthe honors of the key high-tech enterprises of National Torch Program,innovative enterprises of Fujian province, science and technology enterprisesof Fujian Province, small giants of leading science and technology enterprisesof Fujian Province, "contract-honoring and credit" enterprises ofFujian Province, etc. And is one of the well-known set-top box companies inChina.

TDX adheres to the development philosophyof strive for innovation, continuousdevelopment, excellence, and casting quality. its production capacity and quality have been continuouslyimproved through technological transformation & innovation and increasingthe automation application in the production lines. cost performance of theproduct is at the forefront of the industry. Through self-improvement, TDX haverealized self production of color packaging printing, metal die-casting andplastic injection molding. TDX brand have won the honor of famous brand ofFujian province, famous trademark of Fujian province, and TDX set top box isrewarded the honor of Fujian famous brand product and Fujian champion productsof single manufacturing.etc. Since 2009, TDX produce more then 10 million unitsset top box per year, and are sold worldwide to more then 40 countries andregions, for example Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and theAmericas.etc. TDX DTH product for domestic satellite broadcast radio andtelevision is top sale product in the industry and been approved by majority ofusers, and  are successfully considered"transformation of new generation satellite live broadcast TV terminalsoftware achievement”.

With continuous improvement anddevelopment in the past 20 years, TDX has been adhering to the philosophy of inheriting social virtues and realizing social values and has devoted itself to social welfare undertakings. it hasdonated to educational relevant institutions, charities and foundations forseveral years to support public welfare undertakings such as education, povertyalleviation and respect for the elderly. For example, TDX donated 10 millionrmb to Fuzhou university for TDX Communication R&D Center, and donated 10million rmb to the Quanzhou Charity Federation for public welfare activitiessuch as teaching, student subsidies,and respect for the elderly. And company are commended and awarded bygovernments at all levels like the Fujian ProvincialPeople's Government,Fujian Provincial working committee,and quanzhougovernment,etc.

Since establishment of TDX, it has alwayspay attention to the construction of the party and league branches and buildingof enterprise culture. The party and regiment branch of the company has beenawarded the honorary title of Fujian ProvinceMay Fourth Red Flag Group Branch and Quanzhou Advanced Grassroots Party Organization. Travel development for employees are organized from time to time,and traveled to Lhasa, Guilin, Sanqingshan, Lushan, Huangshan, Qiandaohu,Zhangjiajie, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Europe.etc. Establishing  system of assistance for employees indifficulty, setting up various sports teams and organizing sports competitions,such activities greatly enriched the leisure life of employees and establisheda stable and energetic team.

In the coming future, TDX will continue toinnovate and research, refine market demand, deepen new development areas, andwork together with partners to achieve sustainable development in the set-topbox industry with its own strong strength.

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